Credit repurchase with guarantor


To access credit consolidation, a deposit is sometimes necessary. But is it necessary to use the family guarantee? The point on the three types of buyout of credit with guarantor. The story is on

A third party as guarantor

A third party as guarantor

When borrowers submit a loan repurchase request to a financial institution, it is sometimes to benefit from better conditions thanks in particular to the fall in interest rates, but it is often to reduce the monthly payments in order to cope, for for example, job loss or newly contracted credits. The bank can thus ask for a guarantor. The borrower then generally turns to his parents or relatives whose financial income is higher.

This guarantor then undertakes to replace the borrower if he cannot repay his monthly payments. The credit institution is then reassured and can more easily grant a credit buyout with guarantor.

If the guarantor owns his or her own business, a certified public accountant (CPA) must provide a letter stating the guarantor’s income.

Use the bonding organization

Use the bonding organization

Borrowers cannot always call on relatives to guarantee the loan repurchase. On the other hand, they have the possibility of requesting specialized organizations. The guarantee organization undertakes to reimburse the installments in the event of default by the borrower. This insurance, which also allows you to group your credits together, comes at a cost. Indeed, this type of bond for repurchase of credit costs approximately 2%, even 3% of the sum guaranteed, which can represent a significant sum in the context of mortgage loans.

Zoom on the mortgage guarantee

Zoom on the mortgage guarantee

There is a third way to benefit from a credit buyout with guarantor: the family mortgage guarantee. In order to make a loan application file more solid, it is possible to offer the financing organization the mortgage of a parent’s real estate. This solution can only be considered if the lending institution can be the first beneficiary during a possible foreclosure of property.

We are talking about a first mortgage. Finally, note that the repurchase of credit with mortgage guarantor must constitute a last resort since the mortgage guarantee supposes notary fees unlike the guarantee of a third party or a surety body.

Loan interest rates and interest rate forecasts

When you want to borrow money, you may encounter many different words, phrases and expressions that you are unfamiliar with. Interest rates and interest rate forecasts are just some of the terms that many people do not know the meaning of. We give you the explanation here.

The reason why it is important to know all the different terms that exist on the market is that it will give you a better understanding of what your options look like. The market for loans can be difficult to find – especially if you do not understand the language spoken.

In addition, many people at some point in their life will have to take out a loan as many choose to do this when they have to buy a new house. It is the few who can pay for a house in cash, which is why a loan can be the optimal solution.

Of course, there is also a difference between what loan you take. Of course, it depends on your situation and what you want to borrow money for. Sometimes combining multiple loans can also be an option. For example, when you need to finance a new home.

What are interest rates?

What are interest rates?

When you need to take out a loan, in almost all cases, there will be an interest rate linked to this. The interest rate on the loan will vary depending on what situation you are in, what loan you want to take, how fast you can repay as well as a number of other factors.

The interest rate is the percentage that you have to pay on your loan. These interest rates are set by your loan provider and given as an offer to you, after which you can assess how attractive you find this. Negotiations can also help you get a quote with a lower interest rate.

Of course, when you have to borrow money, you will have to pay off the amount you borrow. In addition, you must also pay to be allowed to borrow the money, which is done via the loan interest. Therefore, you should naturally research the market to find the lowest interest rate loan.

What are interest rate forecasts?

What are interest rate forecasts?

The market is constantly evolving, which means that the development of various loan interest rates is also developing. Therefore, many experts work on predicting interest rate developments. This is called interest rate forecasting and can be attractive to people who want to borrow money.

Interest rate forecasts can be attractive to many who want to borrow money, as this can give an idea of ​​what future loan interest rates will be. In addition, it is also attractive to people who have already taken out loans, as this may indicate how the interest rate on the borrowed loan will develop.

The interest rate on many loans is variable, which means that the interest rate changes with the rest of the market. This means that you may run the risk of paying a higher interest rate for a period, but also mean that the interest rate will be lower in periods than in other periods.

What is the interest rate on a mortgage loan?

What is the interest rate on a mortgage loan?

A mortgage loan is a good loan to take if, for example, you have to buy a new home. The interest rate on a mortgage loan will be lower than the interest rate on a mortgage loan will. A mortgage loan can involve both variable and fixed interest rates. The difference between these is significant.

If you choose a fixed-rate mortgage, you will pay the same interest over the entire term of the loan. The benefit is that you are sure how much you will pay. The downside to this, however, is that the interest rate here will often be high as you pay for the security you have in knowing your costs.

In the case of a mortgage loan with a variable interest rate, you will – unlike a fixed rate loan – have the option of taking out a loan with a low interest rate. The disadvantage, however, is that you cannot be sure of your costs as interest rates vary according to how the market changes.

See the Best Loans for Education


Being in education is not always quite cheap. It may require a computer available or a lot of money to be thrown after expensive books for semester start. Maybe you even lack money for an overseas vacation where tuition has to be paid to attend school.

Therefore, borrowing money now and repaying it later may be an option. However, here are several options to consider, which you can read more about here.

Loans for education – see your options

Loans for education - see your options

You can lend to your education in several ways. Here you can see some of them.



A traditional consumer loan is a loan, as the name indicates, that can be used for consumption. It is possible here to borrow a larger amount, it may take longer to repay.

Typically, you can borrow between 3,000 and 350,000 dollar and choose a maturity of up to 15 years. You then pay off on the loan with monthly repayments. The advantage here is that you take out a loan and pay it back over a longer period of time. However, it will also mean that you will hang on to it longer if you have chosen a long term.

Payday loans

Payday loans

A quick loan is a slightly smaller loan, typically up to USD 6,000, which must be repaid fairly quickly – usually within 30 days. This type of loan often has high interest rates, so it is very important that it is repaid quickly so that it will not cost you too much money in costs. This is where the advantage is that you can get some money quickly and easily in between hands, and in some places it is even free to borrow the first time. Ie that you do not pay the cost of the loan, however, with the condition that the loan is paid off within the 30 days.

Student loan

Student loan

A third option is to take out an SU loan , which you can take while studying. That’s something that you can take next to your normal SU rate.

The SU loan costs 4% per annum in interest and will, after education, be paid at the discount + a supplement of no more than 1% or minus a deduction. How much the allowance or deduction is fixed each year in the Finance Act. In other words, the SU loan is one of the cheapest loans you can take. It must be paid back a year after you finish your education. As with the quick and consumer loan, this loan can be used for whatever you want and many people use it as a supplement to the current income.

Compare your options for education loans

Compare your options for education loans

You can compare the options you have for taking out a consumer or quick loan. You can do this here at by filling in our loan calculator with the amount you want to borrow and the maturity you are interested in. Then you will get an overview of the loan providers with which you can apply for a loan. Then simply choose the provider that suits you best.

Here it may be a good idea to look for the APR , which is an expression of the annual costs to be paid, expressed as a percentage. Here you can see how much the different loans will cost you.

Alternative loans for your colony garden

If you are interested in borrowing for a colony garden then you have several options. The first thing most people will think of is to go to the bank and apply for a loan. However, this is typically a longer process as it requires a credit rating to be made and you must be able to provide collateral to the bank so that it is sure that you can repay the loan.

You also have the option of going around the bank and taking out a consumer loan online instead. You do not need security here, nor do you typically need to explain what the borrowed money is for. Therefore, you can freely spend the money for whatever you want. At the same time, they are much faster and easier to get online. Read more here if you are interested in learning more about applying for a loan online.

How Much Can You Borrow to a Colonial Garden?

How Much Can You Borrow to a Colonial Garden?

There are different amounts that you can borrow depending on which loan provider you choose and which type of loan you choose. Here we have divided the loans into 2 different categories, namely consumer loans and quick loans. The difference between the two is how much can be borrowed, but otherwise the same conditions apply that there is no guarantee that the loan can be taken out.


If you need to borrow a larger amount, it is the consumer loan that you need to look into. Here you have the opportunity to borrow up to USD 350,000 and choose up to 15 years for the term of the loan. The advantage is that you can borrow a larger amount and that you do not have to repay the money right away. Just be aware that the longer you have the loan, the more you typically have to pay interest.

Payday loans

Mortgages are a loan that is taken up quickly and must be repaid quickly. You can typically borrow up to USD 6,000, which must then be repaid within 30 days. Interest on this loan is quite high, which is why it is important to get paid back quickly. However, some loan providers may offer a free loan the first time you borrow.

How do you find a good loan for the colony garden?

How do you find a good loan for the colony garden?

There are many places where you can borrow online, and it is a good idea to explore its options fully before making a decision on where to borrow money. One thing to look for when comparing different loans is which OPP can be offered in different locations.

More specifically, the OPP explains how much you have to pay annually as a percentage to have the loan from the individual loan provider. The lower this is, the cheaper the loan will be. OPP takes into account all possible costs that may arise with the loan, so you are sure that you will not be surprised by any hidden costs.

What Should I Know About Loans?


Are you in education but having trouble getting the economy running around? Maybe you are missing out on money for your exchange or a new apartment deposit? Whatever money you lack, a loan may be an option for you. The following are three advantages of a loan.

No financial rating – everyone is entitled to a loan

No financial rating - everyone is entitled to a loan

With quick loans and SMS loans, which are types of consumer loans, no assessment of your financial situation is required. The same goes for a loan. The loan is for beneficiaries under education and it does not even require you to go down the bank. It can all be done online.

The process lasts a bit longer than with a quick loan. To receive the loan, go to and apply for a loan. As soon as you receive the approval, you must approve the loan plan, which you can subsequently correct.

Earn up for a larger loan

Earn up for a larger loan

A loan has a maximum limit on how much you can get paid. For 2015, the rate is USD 3,020 per share. month. In addition, an additional amount of USD 1,511 is offered to providers. If you have used up your loan but are still in education, you have the opportunity to take out a final loan of USD 7,791 per. month for a maximum of 12 months. But why take a loan if you need to borrow a larger amount?

As mentioned, you can fix it in the loan plan. For example, if you gets paid 1,500 USD. January 1, but in the following months do not need financial aid, the balance on your loan will be accrued. If you are suddenly missing money in April, you can therefore by On April 1, get paid USD 10,580. This is the balance from January to April that you did not borrow. That way you can earn a larger loan amount. However, this is only going forward as you cannot get the loan prepaid.

The loan with the best interest rate

The loan with the best interest rate

A special advantage of the loan is its low interest rate. During your education, the interest rate will be 4% annually. After graduation, the interest rate changes to the 1% + discount. Since the discount rate is currently 0, your interest rate drops to 1%.

In addition, repayment is required only started the year after the end of your education. Thus, if you completed your education in the fall of 2015, your repayment is only required to commence on 1 January 2017. That way, you are more likely to have a job and thus have a better opportunity to repay the loan.

Think before you borrow

It is important to point out that it is always a good idea to think before taking out a loan. Regardless of low interest rates, you will eventually face a debt that is higher than what you have gained value for. Make a loan only if it is a real need.

Mobile loan consequences

It can be difficult to figure out how expensive mobile loans are, or anticipate the consequences of such a loan. The loans may have hidden charges and interest rates of up to 4000% per annum, and nothing indicates that consumers will be helped by a ban, or interest ceiling, on these expensive loans.

It seems easy and quick to take out a loan

credit loan money

The requirements to be approved are almost non-existent and you do not have to talk to a stomach acid bank advisor. But mobile loans have unpredictable consequences.

Today, there are more and more young people who suddenly find themselves trapped in a deep debt spiral that is more of a common hard to get out of.

Should Mobile Loans Be Illegalized?

credit loan money

Back in 2009, there was debate over whether the so-called mobile loans should be made illegal, a proposal put forward by the then opposition that called for the industry to be regulated with a ceiling on interest rates.

This was rejected by the Minister of Finance and Business. Since then, the industry has experienced great growth and it is believed that today there are over 2,300 Danes who have ended up in RKI’s debt register as a result of having taken up the very expensive mobile loans.

However, the companies in the industry also resort to unethical methods in their marketing, and in some cases, they hide penalties or advertise with false interest and costs on their loans. Thus, there have been cases back home where companies have been given hefty fines for this kind of aggressive marketing.

Massive criticism of mobile loans

credit loan money

In Sweden, there have also been major problems with people who have been indebted and unable to pay. This has resulted in the government taking in and making laws that protect the consumer and have banned the industry from advertising, as it was believed that marketing was contrary to the law. In Germany, the expensive loans have been completely banned and a ceiling on how high the fees may be in connection with a loan.

However, the mobile loan industry has not flown completely under the radar at home. The industry has been heavily criticized by the Consumer Council, in particular, who believes that this type of loan leads to people’s over-indebtedness and is a major societal problem. Thus, the industry has repeatedly expressed a desire to regulate the industry and set a ceiling on the annual percentage rates (APR).

Two thirds will ban the expensive mobile loans, study shows

credit loan money

This critical view of mobile loans has apparently spread to the majority of the population. Metroxpress thus conducted a survey last year which showed that two-thirds of respondents would have banned the expensive loans. If that did not happen, four out of five thought that a ceiling on interest rates should be introduced, as you see it in Germany.

However, despite the massive criticism from the Consumer Council and growing skepticism among the population, it seems that regulation or legislative change that would prohibit the very expensive loan model has to wait. The current government has not made any changes to the market and it is doubtful whether they will do so before elections are made.

What happens if you can’t pay off your debt?


Do you have debts that have accumulated? And are you having trouble repaying the debt in a timely manner? It can be hard to figure out what the consequences can be.

This guide will help you understand what can happen if you cannot pay off your debt. In Denmark, the fewest people can go through life without incurring debt.

Become clearer about what can happen when you don’t pay off your debt

Become clearer about what can happen when you don

We give you some specific suggestions as to what the consequences may be if you think, “I can’t pay my debt, what do I do?”. In addition, we will give you a better understanding of debt recovery and an overview of what to expect in such a situation. In addition, you can read about debt maturity, debt recovery to SKAT and much more.

Romeo is a price comparison service which offers comparison of prices of eg. loans, insurance and A-boxes. In addition, we have more than 5 years of experience in the Danish loan market.

In this guide you can read more about:

  • Non-performing debt
  • Debt to private creditors
  • Debt to the public
  • Interest and fees on debt
  • Your rights as a debtor
  • Debt settlement options

What are the consequences of having debt defaulted?

What are the consequences of having debt defaulted?

It happens that people who cannot pay debt may find it difficult to turn their financial situation into something positive. If you are in that situation yourself, you probably want to know what is happening and what you can do yourself. Below you can see what happens if you cannot pay off your debt.

You can be in debt in two ways:

  • You may be in debt to the public.
  • You may be in debt to private creditors.

Depending on whether you have a debt to the public or a creditor, there will be different consequences of not paying. If you have debts to several different creditors, you may want to consolidate your loans into a collateral loan and get an overview of your financial situation again.

When you are a debtor, the following can happen:

  • You will be reminded of your debt via reminder letters.
  • If you do not respond to the above, the case will go on to debt collection or TAX.
  • You will most likely be registered in RKI.
  • You can get a summons to the bailiff.
  • You must deal with debt maturity and debt restructuring (debt settlement).

If you have debt to private creditors

If you owe money to private creditors in the form of loans or other credits, e.g. to a private individual, the bank, or to a store where you purchased goods on installment, it is called that you have a debt relationship with a creditor. If you cannot repay your debt on time, your creditor will forward the case to debt collection. Before a debt collection company takes over your case, your creditor will usually make one last attempt to recover the debt via reminder letters.

It will be 10 days before you receive the reminder letters:

  • First reminder will be sent after the last timely payment day with a reminder fee of approx.
  • The next reminder letter will typically include a debt collection notice.
  • Finally, you will receive a third and last reminder letter, which is also used as a collection letter.

If you do not respond to the reminder letters and you do not pay, the debt collection will take over your case. A collection process may look as follows, but may vary depending on the individual collection case.

Worth knowing when you have Debt

  1. The debt collection company will involve the court of appeal where a legal recovery of your debt will be requested. A payment order will be sent to the bailiff.
  2. The payment claim will then be sent to service where a subpoena will forward it to you.
  3. You then have as a debtor 14 days from you receive the payment requirement to pay your debt.
  4. Depending on whether your payment claim contains a request for outlay on your property, the bailiff may convene a bailiff meeting.

If you have debt to the public

If you have public debt, several things can happen. The government has several different options for recovering the debt through the Danish Debt Management Agency.

They can include offset your debt in your government payments by withholding part of your benefit, e.g. unemployment benefit or severance pay, or by changing your tax rate for SKAT. Alternatively, they may require an outlay of your values, such as your house or car. This means you must not sell them.


Are Consumer Loans the Financial World’s Trash?

The financial crisis hit locally as well as globally in 2008, and many patrons – private and public – caught their fingers. Programs such as The luxury trap, in the years following the outbreak of the crisis, has advised the Danes on their consumption and, not least, their handling of loans.

The opportunities for borrowing money quickly

The opportunities for borrowing money quickly

The latter plays a bigger and bigger role for many Danes’ private finances, as the opportunities for borrowing money quickly and at an immediate low-interest-rate have grown sharply over the last few years.

In the past, banks were lending money, but companies and organizations now increasingly offer consumer loans and various options for paying off everything from washing machines and televisions to everyday purchases such as milk and rye bread.

If you already have debt in and out of here, a consumer loan can be advantageous because you have the opportunity to pay off the small loans you hold. You are then left with only a single loan.

What if you are in Credit Bureau?

What if you are in RKI?

If you are already registered in Credit Bureau, which pays poorly, it is still possible to apply for a consumer loan – though at a significantly higher interest rate than if you were not in Credit Bureau.

On the other hand, believes that “no matter how you turn and rotate it, mortgages are the cheapest form of a loan, and at a time when many have had to pay costs for a conversion, it would be obvious to gather the rest tax debt like a mortgage. “

On the other hand, for many people, a consumer loan can end up paying only for an older loan, and you have borrowed money to pay off a loan. In fact, one can end up moving a step forward and, at worst, two back if the new loan’s OPP (Annual Cost Percentage) is higher than the old loan or if one’s consumption is the same or increasing.

Therefore, it is important to compare the loan offerings of different loan offerings as this gives an accurate result of the real price of the loan. However, such a comparison can only be made as long as the size and maturity of the loans are the same. However, surveys also show that more and more Danes are resorting to the piggy bank instead of the offer for a fast-issued consumer loan.

Awareness among young people may be the reason

Awareness among young people may be the reason

The trend comes in connection with the rising social and environmental awareness, which among other things. has prompted more and more young people to visit the recycling shops or their parents’ stores in an attempt to find a cheaper alternative to the fashion world’s constant demand for new clothes.

A survey by the Money and Pensions Panel also supports the trend, as the number of young people (aged 18-34) who had a consumer, the loan has fallen from 40% in 2013 to 28% at the beginning of 2015.

The role of a consumer loan in everyday life, therefore, depends to a large extent on one’s current economy and the possibility of any. to repay the loan to such an extent that it will not be more expensive than initially expected. So that you do not have a new loan left – only with the buck in hand.